Burr Brown OPA627AU with Class A Biasing Mod

Burr Brown OPA627AU with Class A Biasing Mod
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Purrin from Headfi first introduced this idea of modding m-stage's opamp by biasing it into Class A. Michael from Headfonia took it into actions and confirmed the amazing performance of this mod.

This is a very simple mod you can do it yourself at home with some basic DIY tools and common parts follwing the guide below.

However, some people may not have the time or proper tools to make this little magic thing. So I sourced some high quality parts and made some finished adapaters. You can mod your m-stage simply "plug and play", as easy as switching an opamp.

You can also purchase this adapter together with your m-stage amp and request a free installation. I will be happy to send you a modded version of m-stage that you can enjoy the "next level" sound of it out of the box.

3.9K is the recommended value for the resistors. You can also choose other values if you know how it works in this mod. Otherwise, just go with the default.



This unit is plug-and-play and can replace any dual opamp.


High Quality Materials

Welwyn MFR4 1/2W resistors from United Kingdom

Nextron OpAmp sockets from Taiwan

WBT 4% silver soldering from Germany

OPA627AU (SOIC) x 2 on a brown dog adapter



Matrix m-stage Class A Biasing | Headfonia

Biasing Op-Amps into Class A | Audiologica



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